Grace Blue Acquisition.
A new approach to an
evolving M&A market.

New buyers are entering the market.  Sellers are faced with more options.  Front-loaded and non-traditional deal structures are emerging.  And deal activity continues to increase year after year.

In an environment like this, the challenge is not merely to find a company to buy.  Traditional M&A brokers make it their business to let you know who’s for sale all the time.

The challenge is to find the best potential – not just the best available – partner.  One who might not be actively on-the-market, but open to discussions.  One looking to buy-in and grow with you versus sell and cash out.

Numbers buy companies.
People make numbers work.

M&A in the creative and digital space is nothing more than the acquisition of big groups of talented people.  People who share a vision, who work a certain way, who have a lot of pride in what they do and where they do it.  Yet far too often acquisitions in this space fail to realize their full potential precisely because of the people at their core.

No deal structure, no multiple, no earn-out or purchase price can guarantee that the individuals at the heart of a transaction will mesh.  That cultures will align.  That behaviors will sync.  This is something that needs to be critically evaluated long before numbers enter the frame.

And that’s something we know a thing or two about.

Executive search meets business search.

Grace Blue Acquisition leverages our executive search expertise to provide clients with a more proactive, strategic, and people-centric approach to M&A search.

As a non-threatening voice in the market, we find, engage, and persuade the best possible – not just the best available – talent to come to the table and talk.

As an objective lens to critically evaluate the soft metrics around “fit,” we go a level deeper than most to ensure motivations align, cultures mesh, and behaviors will sync before any introductions.

And as an evaluator of talent versus a deal maker, we focus less on the transaction and more on the people at the heart of it. And price ourselves in a simple, transparent manner that ensures we deliver the best fits, not the biggest.

All with the goal of connecting our clients with like-minded partners before money enters the frame. And increasing their odds of creating 1+1=3 partnerships.


We’ve built-up businesses from scratch and built-out global operations at scale – all in environments where culture, fit, and creativity were highly valued.

As practitioners ourselves, we bring a “real world” perspective to the evaluation process and can engage in more nuanced conversations along the way.

Asia Pacific

See the team


See the team

Support across the M&A lifecycle.

Acquisition Strategy – What to build, how to approach, and why.

Market Mapping – Who to engage and how.

Prospect Evaluation – Critically assessing capability and culture via first-hand interviews and respected industry sources.

People Due Diligence – Deeper evaluation of people, processes, and behaviors to predict best fits.

Goal Setting – Identifying targets that reflect not only what’s required as a business but what people need as professionals.

Transaction Support – Structuring, negotiating, and driving the deal via our partnership with SI Partners, a leading global M&A advisory (

Talent Strategy and Support – Assessing and addressing leadership gaps and upgrades.

Asset Integration – Structuring your new asset to realize value and growth.

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