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I was raised to love a good story, appreciate eccentric relatives, and that you should try walking a mile in someone else's shoes before you judge. Luckily I found a career in advertising, and now headhunting, which blends all three of those bits into something more meaningful than a Southern Gothic novel.

During my almost twenty years in advertising, I was privileged to work exclusively with founder-led, creative agencies where I had the time of my life making some pretty good (some say great) work that won a few awards while, more importantly, earning my clients' respect and trust by genuinely caring about their success.

I got my start in advertising at a regional agency in Atlanta before helping The Richards Group to create an in-house presence in Atlanta for their top client at the time, The Home Depot. It was the first time the country's largest independent agency known for its unique way of working opened an office outside of its hometown.

In 2006, I moved 'up north' to join Mother a year after the agency opened in New York when we were 20 people working at one table on Bond Street. I spent almost seven years there managing brands such as Dell, Target, Diageo, Virgin, and Coca-Cola alongside some brilliant partners. I embraced Mother's belief that you can make great work, have fun, and as a by-product of the first two, make a good living and have carried that philosophy forward to Grace Blue.

In 2012, Grace Blue 'flipped' me from candidate to Partner as the business expanded to New York. I am lucky to work with honest, creative, driven, and kind partners who set a high standard for executive search. As Joint CEO, Americas, I am committed to helping companies succeed by placing diverse leaders who have the confidence and humility to build a culture driven by strong values - the impact of which makes their company and indeed the entire industry perform better.

Debra Sercy