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I am a living example of failing up. Started as a writer at Leo Burnett, I became a creative director at Earle Palmer Brown and fairly soon realized I wasn't going to make it to the Copywriter's Hall of Fame. So I became agency President, and hated everything about it, but new business. I joined Fallon and became the first agency person in the world to hold the CMO title, and then went to BBDO Worldwide as Vice Chairman/CMO. Every agency I've been in has been named Agency of the Year multiple years (while I was there), which I take as a tribute to fortuitous timing. And The Wall St. Journal called me 'the guru of new business', which meant it was a very slow news day. I left BBDO officially in the summer of 2012 to focus on building a new business consultancy called Eleven. My wife Linda and I live in Naples FL. Besides Linda, I love collecting contemporary art, listening to music at high volumes, and having dinner with our daughter Jenna every week when I go to New York.

Mark Goldstein