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I graduated from Manchester University with a degree in History of Modern Art and swiftly got a job in a yacht brokerage where I spent a year wishing I worked in advertising.

In 2002 I was offered a job a Walsh Trott Chick Smith. I played spoof a lot; the loser had to make the tea for Dave and Gordon. It was here that I learnt about all the best bits (and some of the bad) about agency life. And loved every second.

After a brief sojourn at HOW working on the Waitrose account I landed a job as a suit at RKCR/Y&R where I spent five years working on the Land Rover business. The funny thing about working on cars is that people think that is all you can do, so in 2009 I joined the Korean agency Innocean to work on KIA.

In the 2011 I had the good fortune to join Grace Blue. Seriously fortunate, as my initial interview went terribly. Starting out as a researcher, I am now a Creative Consultant with the ambition to help grow the creative practice.

Sally Roake