Fostering a creative space for talent in the face of AI

“When AI has data it might do something better than humans”. According to Taboola founder Adam Singolda at Cannes, machine learning could eventually predict your online behavior more accurately than your spouse.
The reality is that with AI, while advertisers have unprecedented data on how customers think, nothing will ever replace creativity and strategy when it comes to delivering great work and insights. It’s a uniquely human skill.
To build a company that inspires great talent to innovate and deliver ideas that beat AI, here’s a few ways you can have impact:
1. Foster a culture that allows experimentation, curiosity, and freedom to fail. For every good idea, there are a hundred bad ones. So give your team permission to think big and fail quickly.
2. Encourage “intrapreneurship” at all levels of the organizations. Help your people to think like entrepreneurs and apply their solutions to your company.
3. Create a free exchange of ideas among your people globally and use your tech communication tools to let that flow happen around the world. I.e, how are your team in Shanghai sharing ideas with your team in Chicago that can spark a brilliant new idea?
Let’s face it, AI is here to stay, but it means that in the future there will be an even greater premium on great creative human thinking.