Grace Blue celebrates 15 years of business

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Grace Blue celebrates 15 years of business

It’s our 15th anniversary – how time flies! We have been tremendously lucky to work with many brilliant minds across the marketing and communications industry and we want to thank you all for your support across these past 15 years.

We’re taking this moment to reflect on our past, present and future in the first edition of our new quarterly newsletter. We’re excited to share some of the insights and trends we are seeing in the talent that is leading business transformation right now.

We hope you enjoy this read and would love your feedback!

Jay Haines, Juliet Timms and Gay Haines, Founders at Grace Blue Partnership

15 years ago we had a dream to build a business that would become the byword for excellence in the talent space around the world. We opened our office when talent was a secondary consideration as we firmly believed in our ability to change companies and to enhance our clients’ fortunes through transformational people. For us talent was everything and that remains true to this day.

The beliefs we had 15 years ago remain every bit as relevant now as then. We have always been committed to finding lateral creative solutions, providing talent that makes clients feel differently about their needs - and that diversity enables better business. Always integrity has been at the heart of all our relationships with clients and candidates.

Today Grace Blue sits at the crossroads of every form of customer engagement and is proudly trusted by global clients to help them find the global leaders in the marketing and communications, strategy, data & insights, creative, production, technology and automation, and business leadership.

With the launch of our new quarterly newsletter we aim to keep advising and sharing our knowledge on talent and leadership with the global marketing and communication community.

We hope you will find this read insightful and welcome you to contact us.


Jay Haines, Juliet Timms and Gay Haines, Grace Blue Founders

Lessons in Leadership

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