Grace Blue lays out 2020’s talent landscape

Will there be more or less movement of talent and why?

Change is more likely than ever. We expect more movement of talent due to the fast pace of transformation across industries and geographies.

America: 2020 will be a massive year of transition in the US with the impending election. Businesses will want continuity and deeper stability during more turbulent times and so may delay any disruptive CEO changes until 2021.

EMEA: Given the UK’s resolution on the first phase of Brexit companies can now be bolder, make changes that might have been on hold and invest in bringing in senior talent and new leaders. it is through the bold, interesting appointments that real dynamic change can be achieved.

APAC: Change is constant in this market and this will continue into the new year and onwards. Businesses will continue to invest in senior leaders who can use creativity to solve business challengers.

Is it an employers’ market or an employee’s i.e. who is in the position of power and why?

The power is with the truly talented individuals – customer centric skills and capabilities are at an absolute premium. A great candidate still has the power to call the shots. That said, a strong and creative organisation run by charismatic and clever individuals still has the ability to attract the very best people. But broadly, the power lies with the employee because specific talent is in such high demand.

What type of talent will be in most demand and why? What attribute is most needed?

The talent that will be in most demand is those people that are the best creative problem solvers – not just creative specialists. All businesses whether, agency or brand, are going through major transformation and looking for ways to deliver a better customer experience.

Candidates who have this expertise will be in demand. Looking beyond the attributes of skillsets and experience, employers will make hiring decisions based upon attitude – this will be more important than ever. Leaders who display high levels of EQ and self-awareness will become more in demand than ever as the industry continues to evolve.

What must employers do to make themselves the most appealing to the best talent?

The best talent wants to work at a place that aligns with their values and fosters a healthy culture.  If you are an employer who does not prioritize your employees’ health and well-being, you will lose out on the best talent this year. Flexibility and accountability will become ever more prevalent through all organisations and employers will become acutely conscious of output vs time spent in office.

All employers must have a coherent, inspiring story with a clear go-to-market strategy that employees understand and can get behind. It is not about being bullish, but realistic about what this means for growth.

If you could predict one appointment (fictional is fine) that will shock the talent market and change things for the better, who would it be and in what position?

In the spirit of fun and fiction, there is one company right now that faces a global crisis of trust and could change this with one appointment. Facebook should appoint Michelle Obama.

It should give her a brief to genuinely transform the platform and truly become the leader in what it means to be the world’s most trusted social media company. This would ‘change the game’, not just for Facebook but for the new tranche of tech companies that are redefining the way we live our lives around the world.