Grace Blue’s Inspirational Leaders: Wise words from Tim Lindsay

As part of our series of inspiring talks, all at Grace Blue were delighted to welcome Tim Lindsay this week. The CEO of D&AD described a sparkling future, thanks, in no small part, to the next generation of creative talent….

At a moment in time when there is so much discussion about the challenges the industry is facing, it was so genuinely positive and exciting to hear from Tim who, for the last eight years, has led the charge at D&AD. Its mission – to stimulate, nurture and award creative excellence around the world.

Not a dry eye was left in the house when we watched the submissions from black-pencil-awarded Project Revoice, or the Xbox adaptive controller. There were goose bumps a-plenty for Nike’s Dream Crazy and, of course, massive smiles all-round for Viva La Vulva.

And beyond all the awe-inspiring work that D&AD recognises, it was so encouraging to hear more about D&AD’s youth talent programme, New Blood, and the unbelievable creative talent that is captured through its series of events. How fundamentally important too is D&AD’s New Blood Shift, which addresses the lack of diversity in the creative industries by offering a free 12-week night school to young people for whom it otherwise might not have been possible to access the industry.

We were left feeling buoyed by Tim. Certainly the industry is changing; undoubtedly there are challenges. But, creativity will always survive. The work that our industry continues to make, and the incredible young talent that wants to be part of it is testament, in my view, to a bright future.

By Natalie Napier, Partner